Become A Globally Certified Soul Alchemy Coach

For Soul Driven Women Who Want To Launch & Grow Your Heart Centred Business And Create A Deep, Lasting Impact.


Your online certified coach training includes done-for-you marketing to use and brand as your own.


Professional training designed for you to coach and deliver results in every session that your clients will LOVE.

Everything you need

Plus includes worksheets, exercises, templates, visualizations, journeys, scripts, assessments, and more.

Create A Global Impact

Included with your tuition is a bonus lifetime coaching container. You get exclusive access to training in the art of soulful sales, sacred marketing & soul client attraction, manifestation & spiritual gift activation, beautiful business building, a radiant supportive community, and the energetics & mindset to own your power as a global luminary.

You also get regular coaching for life on attracting soul aligned clients, closing sales with grace, pricing your sacred offerings, and key elements required to grow your business.

We Take Care of Logistics. You Get All the Fun.

With ready-to-go program offers so you can quickly and easily start with paying clients.

I always felt a little lost with my place as a light worker, something always missing kinda like who am I? Then I found it The Soul Alchemy coaching course! I found my jam! I am excited to write this to help those that wish to get the their coach certificate. The mythology in the course hit me like a glove with a wide variety of options with healing talents! Many blessing on your journey and thank you Sarah much love.

Brianna Blechinger — Illumination Warrior Academy

We're Always Adding More!

Tuition includes LIFETIME ACCESS to your training materials, including updates, without any additional fees.

Ready To Build Your Successful Soulful Business?

Everything you need to build a successful online soulful business

You get training on how to deliver each coaching module PLUS monthly LIVE calls & 24/7 Telegram group to have all of your questions answered, and to receive guidance and support.

You get trained & certified in Sarah’s specialist soul coaching curriculum to use & brand as your own.

Done-for-You Business Model So You Can Confidently Coach Others Through The Secrets Of The Universe, Soul Deep Breakthroughs And Powerful Up-levels.

Plus, each module includes these done-for-you coaching curriculum enhancers: Handouts, Templates, Assessments, Scripts, Samples, and Exercises.

Tuition includes lifetime access to the done-for-you curriculum & coach training materials, including any updates, without any additional fees.

You can use each module to create your private or group coaching programs, webinars, workshops, retreats, VIP days and more.

It doesn't matter where you're starting from

  • Maybe you have a different type of business and think that soul coaching might be the perfect way to add an exciting new income stream
  • Or you're not sure if you need to get more coach training
  • Maybe you're just ready to start a business - and soul coaching is calling to you

Hi Sarah! I just wanted to let you know that the Soul Alchemy Coaching Program is a whole new level of practicing what you preach! This program has given me a safe space to heal myself while allowing others to step into their confidence as healers and visa versa. And I thank you for giving us a safe space to step into the 5D as a community 💕💕

Tierrah Smith — Mystical Shamaness✨💫
🐉✨Warrior Priestess

Imagine having a thriving, soulful business

  • Maybe you're looking to take your skills and expertise up a notch, but don't know where or how.
  • Or you’re already coaching, but you’re not seeing the results and are feeling discouraged.

Become a Certified Soul Alchemy Coach™ And You'll Be On Your Way To Creating A Huge Ripple Effect In The World.


Soul Alchemy Coach™ Certification Training gives you professional, meaningful & purposeful training + done-for-you curriculum, shaving off years of painstaking work, research & precious time because we’re giving you absolutely everything you need.

Listen to the whispers of your soul, she's always talking to you." - Sarah Lines

You’ll get trained & certified to deliver each of these Modules:

  • New Soul Technology
  • Holding A Sacred Soul Alchemy Session
  • Dissolving & Unwinding Beliefs Permanently
  • Going Soul Deep & Creating Magic
  • Honouring Your Sacred Gifts
  • Intention & Manifestation
  • Marketing Yourself As A Soul Alchemy Coach™
  • Usui Reiki 1 & 2 (Optional)
  • Akashic Records Reader + Healer (Optional)

You are a natural at supporting others, now it's time to share your gifts with the world.

Learn practices that you can share with your clients and embody in your own life

And tools to create potent, lasting shifts in the the lives you touch

Lead sacred journey’s into other realms & magical places

Learn Sarah’s methodology to holding powerful Soul Alchemy sessions & running a thriving soul business

Done-for-you Coaching Program Outlines & Training To Start Signing Paying Clients Quickly

Done-For-You 3, 6 & 12-month coaching package outlines you can use straight away

Done-for-You Workshop Outlines so you can start making money delivering 3-day virtual events even while you’re in training

Done-for-you social media marketing posts to attract potential soul clients into your events

Module One: Foundations

Understand what Soul Alchemy coaching is and how to implament trust & safety, boundaries, confidentiality and coaching ethics to be a professional in your field.

Module Two:

Soul Alchemy

Learn how to transform your clients lives, soul to soul. Also be attuned to the Soul Alchemy Keys so you can become a multidimensional healer and create a ripple effect across the planet.

Module Three:

Powerful Coaching

Learn the fundamentals of holding a powerful and authentic Soul Alchemy session through holding space for your clients and asking powerful coaching questions

Module Four: Your Sacred Gifts

Discover, remember & re-awaken your multidimensional gifts, so you can be the best soul coach you can be. Own your uniqueness and be adored by your clients

Module Five:

Dissolving Beliefs

Powerfully shift lives with proven techniques to permanently delete your clients limiting beliefs and create a lasting change.

Module Six:

Soul Deep Magic

Solving all problems & revealing highest timelines through soul whispers. Learn shadow alchemy, soul journey and the soul mission.

Module Seven: Manifesting Alchemy

Learn how to create the life and business of your dreams for yourself and others using powerful wealth code technologies.

Module Eight:

Soulful Marketing

Shave years of learning and researching, become a multi-6-figure coach.

Become A New Earth Leader Now


Usui Reiki Level 1 & 2


The 6 Pillars

Included in your tuition is a bonus life long coaching incubator with Sarah

coaching you to attract soul aligned paying clients, close sacred sales with confidence, & own your worth as a 5D leader.

Ready to feel lovingly supported, never feel overwhelmed or alone on your sacred path to success, and get solutions for any hurdles you might encounter?

We will cover:

  • Divination
  • Channeling
  • Somatics
  • Soul Alchemy
  • Manifestation
  • Higher Consciousness
  • Shadow Alchemy
  • Soul Mission
  • Galactic Guidance
  • Angelic Healing
  • Money Codes
  • Dissolving Beliefs
  • Sacred Gifts Activation
  • Soulful Marketing

Your bonus container includes:

Monthly Group Coaching Calls With Sarah -

These potent calls allow you to speak with, check in, and ask questions of Sarah. You’ll be coached to own your power, attract and sign on new clients, complete your certification, create your pricing & offers, confidently lead soul alchemy sessions and more.

Plus 24/7 Chat -

Enjoy a Telegram group chat with Sarah, our community and your accountability buddies to keep you on track and in a high vibe state as you become a certified soul alchemy coach™.

Soulful Sales & Marketing Skills Training -

Receive professional sales & marketing training? Your BONUS module includes ROI marketing training on:

>> How to package up your brilliance

>> Getting a consistent flow of leads

>> The 5-figure launch cycle

>> How to sell out your offers

>> The energetics of a successful launch

>> Creating magnetic copy

A High Vibe Community

  • Surround yourself with a sacred community of soul coaches on the same path.
  • Post questions, challenges & wins in between your coaching calls each week for support from Sarah, our team, and your soul tribe.
  • You’ll feel lovingly held & supported through every step and totally inspired to achieve the business of your dreams.

Plus These Bonuses

Mindset Magic


Limiting beliefs can be incredibly frustrating and keep you from stepping into your full potential. The Mindset Magic Makeover is going to dissolve these limiting beliefs and propel you forward in your business.

Complete Launch


Receive lifetime access to every template, swipefile and blueprint needed to launch your soul-aligned offer successfully.

Certified Coach


You get a beautiful, professional certificate you can proudly display. Plus the Certified Coach logo you can use on your website and in your marketing materials.

Bonus Akashic records Course Now Available


Meet Your Host:

Sarah Lines, founder of the globally recognised New Earth School, has built a soulful 6 Figure business & co-created 5 best selling books around spirituality & entrepreneurship. With lifetimes of experience, she has mentored 100's of heart-centred entrepreneurs to ascend spiritually & enjoy their first 5 figure months in support of expanding their soul mission. When she is not running her company, you can find her reading, researching all things mystical, or cuddling up to her cats. To learn more about Sarah, visit

Choose your plan

Pay in full




  • Lifetime access to trainings (Value $16,000)
  • Lifetime access to monthly coaching calls (Value $12K per year)
  • Lifetime access to Telegram group chat (Value $12K per year)
  • Soulful sales & marketing trainings (Value $2,222)
  • BONUS Done-for-you coaching packages, workshop & retreat outlines (Value $997)
  • BONUS Done for you website copy & social media marketing (Value $997)
  • BONUS Mindset Magic makeover (Value $97)
  • BONUS Complete launch kit (Value $247)
  • BONUS Channeling course (Value $1,111)
  • Sacred Community (PRICELESS)
  • Akashic Records Course (Value $1,497)

6 payments



Per Month

  • Lifetime access to trainings (Value $16,000)
  • Lifetime access to monthly coaching calls (Value $12K per year)
  • Lifetime access to Telegram group chat (Value $12K per year)
  • Soulful sales & marketing trainings (Value $2,222)
  • BONUS Done-for-you coaching packages, workshop & retreat outlines (Value $997)
  • BONUS Done for you website copy & social media marketing (Value $997)
  • BONUS Mindset Magic makeover (Value $97)
  • BONUS Complete launch kit (Value $247)
  • BONUS Channeling course (Value $1,111)
  • Sacred Community (PRICELESS)
  • Akashic Records Course (Value $1,497)

12 payments



Per Month

  • Lifetime access to trainings (Value $16,000)
  • Lifetime access to monthly coaching calls (Value $12K per year)
  • Lifetime access to Telegram group chat (Value $12K per year)
  • Soulful sales & marketing trainings (Value $2,222)
  • BONUS Done-for-you coaching packages, workshop & retreat outlines (Value $997)
  • BONUS Done for you website copy & social media marketing (Value $997)
  • BONUS Mindset Magic makeover (Value $97)
  • BONUS Complete launch kit (Value $247)
  • BONUS Channeling course (Value $1,111)
  • Sacred Community (PRICELESS)
  • Akashic Records Course (Value $1,497)


"Our mission at New Earth School is to empower light workers to usher humanity into the New Earth Paradigm."

Would you make a good soul alchemy coach?

  • I want to make a difference
  • I love connecting on a soul-level with others
  • I love supporting others
  • I love creating transformation
  • I want to help change the world
  • I want to be a part of the shift
  • I love going soul deep
  • I'm ready to live my purpose
  • I love connecting with spiritual energy
  • I'm ready to create a deep impact and leave a legacy
What can I call myself once I'm certified?

What does your soul want you to be called? A soul coach, soul alchemist, soul wayshower, honestly the possibilities are endless!

Who can I work with as a soul coach?

More like - who can't you work with?

What are the dates for the program?

You get instant lifetime access to all training including the coaching incubator!

Does it matter where I am located?

Absolutely! You can join us from anywhere in the world and can apply our teachings in whatever country you’re in. Plus we will have optional practise pods and will group you with others with similar time zones.

When will the coaching calls take place?

We have various options to choose from for your coaching practice pods. schedule will be made available to you after you join. Plus you can easily watch the recordings :-)

Are there any pre-requisites or requirements?

Nope! All you need is a desire to learn, and the willingness to develop your gifts and skills.

Will I benefit from this program even if I don’t class myself as a spiritual entrepreneur?

Yes. Whether your goal is to take your business to the next level, or learn how to integrate what you will learn into your own life – this program is for you. The Goddess Alchemy Academy’s mission is to empower other souls to fully step into their purpose and change the world by BEing the change!

Why is there business training?

Sarah’s personal mission is to help others ascend spiritually & financially while sharing their gifts with the world.

Having the extra trainings will easily support you in making your investment back quickly.

Do you do longer payment plans??

If you are 100% commited to becoming a New Earth Coach, you may request a special 24 or 36 month payment plan. DM Sarah here with the word "PLAN"

Can I chat to Sarah first?

Of course! You can make a time here.