Expand Your Mind to Realise What Is Truly Possible

Unlock Your Next Level of Soul-Aligned Life & Biz

Activate Your Goddess Power, Voice, presence & impact

Are you owning your mission & your vision?

Are you owning your worth?

Are you owning the value of your sacred work?

If you're done with playing small... ruled by old stories & paradigms...

And you're ready to claim what's rightfully yours - this is your time.

I see you...

You have a passion for helping people and you want to do it on a bigger scale but you can't seem to get there.

Your soul has called you to your mission and you are ready for this.

You are ready to rise into your full potentiality & divine leadership role you chose for this lifetime.

For thousands of years the divine feminine has been ignored, repressed & suppressed.

It's time to stand up Goddess.

It's time to shine, serve & sell like never before...


Your Goddess CEO ruler of your life & your business.


Your purpose & live your mission now, as it was meant to be.


A higher understanding of how your energy effects your business success.


Your business ascension with high level frequency journey's.


The problem is that most entrepreneurs lack the right balance between doing and non-doing, strategy and flow, and the spiritual and physical bridge you need to succeed in this line of work.

You put your heart and soul into your sacred work, but you don’t know how to turn it into cash flow.

That's why so many divine healers and spiritual coaches are struggling financially or working day jobs they hate just so they can keep doing what they love (helping people).

This virtual retreat is designed specifically for those who feel called or inspired by their gifts and talents to create a life where money flows from their spiritual work instead of the other way around.

It will give you clarity about your purpose as well as practical strategies for creating an income stream that fits with your vision.

During this magical 7 day experience, I will show you how you can align your to your most optimal ascension timeline in your life & biz with extraordinary growth.

I will be introducing you to the S.O.U.L method which I created to help you manifest a life & business beyond your wildest dreams...

Hi! I’m Sarah!

In 2018 I launched my business after realising my mission.

In 2021, I was able to scale to 6 figures... whilst raising a special child and during a pandemic.

I am a full time mumma, working 10 hours per week, as a total introvert & empath.

I've lived below the poverty line, homeless & destitute. I know how possible transformation is.

Now it's your turn Goddess.

New Earth School Pty Ltd