Leading Pioneer in New Earth Coaching & Bestselling Author, Sarah Lines presents:

Unlock The gateway To Spiritual Abundance and Business Mastery

Dear Visionary Soul,

Welcome to a sacred space where spirituality and prosperity dance in harmony — the "Prosperity Temple Mastermind." If you're a spiritual entrepreneur yearning for a business journey infused with purpose, this is your divine invitation.

Embrace Your Spiritual Alchemy

In the hallowed halls of the Prosperity Temple, we delve into the alchemy of blending spiritual wisdom with actionable business strategies. Your business is not merely a venture; it's a sacred extension of your spiritual essence.

Annointing Your Sacred Purpose

A conscious program that uplifts your income and amplifies its exponential growth in all aspects of your being...

Transcend the toxic illusions of fake marketing, and instead, illuminate the sacred essence of your offerings, emanating from a place of profound service and abundant blessings.

Welcome the infusion of Ascension Codes into your business, transcending scarcity and freeing yourself from the limitations of comparisonitus.

Prepare for the long-awaited Paradigm Shift your business has eagerly yearned for... for it is time to embark upon a truly extraordinary and unparalleled path.

Hi, I'm Sarah! 6-figure New Earth Business Mentor

I used to find myself in a constant struggle with sales, unsure of where my next client would come from. For two long years, I tirelessly promoted free sales calls, only to experience disappointment after disappointment with no sales. But then, something extraordinary happened in February of 2021, a 5-figure launch.

I was genuinely taken aback, but deep down, I knew that I had stumbled upon something truly special. My successful launch was unlike anything I had ever experienced before; it was effortless, enjoyable, and truly magical.

The secret to my success lies in the harmonious fusion of tangible and intangible energies, creating a truly unique combination that magnetically draws abundance into my life. It has not only brought me consistent 5-figure months but has also enabled me to help other coaches, healers, and mystics tap into this remarkable power.

Together, we can embark on a journey of unrivaled success and spiritual enlightenment and financial fruitfulness.

"It's been a very profitable week. Total revenue this week: $6697" - Jo

Marketing feels ugly. Because we're being called to run our business in 5D.

Let's face it Goddess

Your fear of persecution is blocking you from creating that prosperity you desire

The atrocities from the witch trials created scars that are still coded in your DNA

This is why you aren’t making the money you desire in your mission business

:: because you were shamed and humiliated for being different

:: outcast from the tribe

:: unalived because people feared your power

This creates the fear of judgement, fear of being visible and deep seeded self-doubt

But I know you want more.

All of the women that come to me to help them grow their business, have experienced this wound.

👉🏼 That’s why I don’t just teach strategy — Because success is 80% energetics

My unique method allows you to create a 6 figure business as you implement a proven strategy and clear your path to wealth.

If you are willing to go to the depths of your soul as you recode your internal reality, I invite you into this sacred container.

And it is not your fault Goddess!

You have powerful medicine to share - but not enough people know you exist

You have some 1:1’s - but your income won’t grow (no matter how many times you post content)

👉🏼 This is not conducive to the big mission you’re here to share

There’s a common theme I see play out in the clients that’s come to work with me:

:: they’re showing up online but they still feel invisible

:: they’re doing endless 1:1 sessions and haven’t surpassed $3k - $5k in a month

:: they’re posting content — but it’s bland or puts them in the friend zone

:: they discount their work, hoping it will attract more clients but this devalues the potency of their offerings

So we swiftly ↩️

🪄 Clear up the wounds creating resistance to being seen fully - so they can show up in their magnetic essence that only they can be (this my #1 client attraction superpower)

🪄 Align them to their highest money timeline and activate divine wealth codes that infuse throughout their entire lives + business (for generations to come)

🪄 Code their content so it doesn’t the heavy lifting with specific intention + energies

This is the power of weaving spiritual technologies with a proven strategy, that allows you to triple your income - without working more hours.

…so you can focus on your zone of genius

You’re being pulled forward into the new paradigm

...which evokes a new way running a business

It’s more than just ‘marketing + sales’ now. You’re creating a movement through your heart-centred leadership

.. sharing your sacred mission every day

.. infusing your soul codes into all you do

.. inspiring, and uplifting the planet

.. Creating a global impact and lasting change for generations to come

So why is it you have a seeming plateau at this income “ceiling”?

👉🏼 the old paradigm of masculine marketing is crumbling - and no longer works for New Earth leaders

👉🏼 in order to lead the way and be the change, we’re being called to run our scared mission the divine feminine way

👉🏼 the same marketing “tactics” have lost their value - your people are craving authenticity & connection

This happened to my client who came to me recently— she was making consistent $2k - $3k months

Together we created a soul-aligned strategy that felt good to her and weaved in some specific Lightworker clearings + potent ascension codes

…she quickly filled her offer and tripled her income

What Awaits You inside The Temple:

  • Soulful Strategy Mastery: Uncover the secrets of aligning your business strategy with your soul's purpose. Say goodbye to aimless tactics; embrace strategies infused with spiritual intention.

  • Elevate Your Community: Join a sacred circle of spiritual entrepreneurs who understand the power of collective growth. Forge alliances, share wisdom, and witness the amplification of your impact.

  • Spiritual Business Energetics: Elevate your business vibrations. Align with the higher frequencies that attract abundance effortlessly. Your business becomes a beacon, guiding your soul clients to you.

My clients come to me because:

➡️ They are struggling to earn more money consistently

➡️ They feel like they have to hustle to bring in
any kind of income

➡️ They are feeling overwhelmed by doing
'all the things' and not scaling

➡️ They are sick of doing endless 1:1 sessions and

➡️ Their sales were all over the place, never knowing what income was coming in at any given time

Goddess, what if you could experience:

✔️ A sacred feminine community and high level frequency

✔️ Connection with other incredible women in a super safe environment

✔️ Clear resistance to how you show up and unveil your sacred message

✔️ Learn how to cultivate deep connections as you grow your audience & rise as a leader

✔️ Create 5 figure months from a place of alignment & flow

✔️ Feeling on-purpose with your destiny as you receive quantum money leaps


Get booked. Love your business and create consistent 5-figure months as you usher in the New Earth Paradigm.

Even if you have an aversion to strategy.

Even if you think you'll 'never be good at sales'


The Temple Of Prosperity is a 6 month, LIVE online program for coaches, healers & mystics where I teach soul aligned strategies & potent energies so you can share your sacred mission, attracting dream clients and cash consistently with ease so you can stop working all day and start enjoying your mission business.


You will get all the tools and shifts you need to get out of the scattered strategy rollercoaster and start getting soulful sales.

It’s time to get rid of the stuff that's not working and start using a soul aligned strategy that is specially yours and brings in consistent compensation.

You can get that using my unique, conscious system.

When you join this program you will learn:

Soul aligned strategy

How to grow your audience & rise as a leader

How to package up your brilliance to create offers that sell

How to create 5 figure months from a place of alignment & flow

How to unveil your sacred message & create magnetic copy

The energetics behind a successful launch

"During my time working with Sarah I was able to 10x the price of my offers, going from one off sessions to creating my own signature course and getting pay in full clients. I also celebrated the highest income month in my business so far while in her mastermind. I highly recommend Sarah as her intuitive guidance and support combined with soul aligned strategy and powerful energetic upgrades is invaluable and pure magic. Thank you so much Sarah." - Sarah

Return On Your Investment:

  • You will have the opportunity to speak at New Earth School events and summits
  • Guest expert speaking on the Spiritual Catalyst Podcast
  • VIP Goddess daily promotional option in Sarah's facebook group
  • Promotion to the New Earth School email list quarterly
  • Personalised support to assist you with making your investment back quickly with guidance on how to create cash injections in your business

Enroll Now and Awaken Your 5-Figure Goddess

As custodians of the Temple, we are extending an exclusive offer for visionary souls ready to commit to their prosperity journey. Enroll now and receive a personalized abundance crystal set, aligning you with divine frequencies.

Limited Spaces Available: Our sacred space is intimate, ensuring personalized attention and transformative experiences for each participant. Secure your spot and step into the Prosperity Temple now.

Choose Your Plan:

Crystal Temple Member

Regular price $5,997

Pay in full: $4,997 or

Payment Plan: $997 x6 monthly payments

Hours of results based recording trainings and potent clearings (Value $19,997)

We meet weekly for 6 months (Value $24,000)

Private, sacred community to receive daily coaching, and network with other mission-driven women (Value $6,000)

The 5-figure launch kit with every email template, swipe file, content prompt and social media graphic needed to create five figure launches. (Value $347)

Workbooks and bonuses (Value $5,000)

6 private calls with sarah (Value $6,000)

6 months private voxer with sarah (Value $6,000)

Access to all of Sarah's courses & programs (Value $20,000)


Golden Temple Member

Regular price $11,997

Pay in full: $9,997 or

Payment Plan: $1,697 x6 monthly payments

Hours of results based recording trainings and potent clearings (Value $19,997)

We meet weekly for 6 months (Value $24,000)

Private, sacred community to receive daily coaching, and network with other mission-driven women (Value $6,000)

The 5-figure launch kit with every email template, swipe file, content prompt and social media graphic needed to create five figure launches. (Value $347)

Workbooks and bonuses (Value $5,000)

6 private calls with sarah (Value $6,000)

6 months private voxer with sarah (Value $6,000)

Access to all of Sarah's courses & programs (Value $20,000)



Launch Magic Trio

Release your doubt, fears and resistance when launching, so you can naturally attract your soulmate clients to you and your offers like magic.

VALUE $347

6-Figure Coaching


Get instant access to this 4-part course on becoming the profitable 6-figure CEO of your healing or coaching business.

VALUE $997

How to create a profitable course that sells

During this 4-lesson course, I’m going to walk you in detail through how to create a quality course that sells.

VALUE $997


Offer Blueprint & Funnel Goddess

Create an offer that sells like hotcakes & a funnel to sell it for you (VALUE $347)

"I've laughed and cried and we go deep and she keeps me on track. I no longer throw my toys out the cot, she helps me get back so much quicker and sees what I cannot.." - Manisha

Your Journey Awaits

Are you ready to transform your spiritual mission into a 5-figure prosperity pilgrimage? The Prosperity Temple Mastermind is not just a program; it's a sacred journey crafted for visionary souls like you.

Enlighten Your Path, Enrich Your Purpose - Join Us in the Prosperity Temple Mastermind Today.

Sarah Lines

I help Mystical Entrepreneurs attract soul clients, without fake marketing using energetically aligned sales & strategies. I scaled my business to 6 figures, during a pandemic, without sales calls, while raising my special needs son. Now it's your turn Goddess.

What my clients say:

"I have learned and gained a lot from Sarah over the years I have known her. I had been online for a year and a half before I ever even considered launching anything. She helped me step out of that fear and held my hand through my very first collaboration. She taught me the ropes the back ends and front ends. Over the years I have participated in some of her programs. Sarah is really amazing at the launching process and the energetics behind it all. She is a launch goddess! "


I'm a healer, would this be right for me?

Absolutely. Sarah's zone of genius is working with healers accross the globe to fulfill their mission while receiving divine compensation.

How many LIVE calls are there?

You will have x1 call a week for 6 months.

How long do I get access to everything??

You will have lifetime access to all program materials, including the bonuses. And you will have 6 months LIVE access to the calls and daily chat support.

Do I have to do sales calls?

Sarah teaches energetically aligned strategy and sales. Sales calls are optional! As a projector and an introvert - Sarah has found launching to be an easier investment of time & energy into her business with creating 5 figure months over the last 3 years (without sales calls).

Will I actually have a 5 figure month?

This program uses a tried, tested and proven system to 5+ figure launches. How quickly this happens for you will vary, depending on each individual. Some clients have had their first 5 figure launch inside of a month, some within 3 months. Some never. Why? Because they do not implement. We can say this: you will have everything you need, including the support, to allow you to create 5 figure months in your busines.

I'm just scared to be honest, I've worked with coaches before and didn't get results!

Without knowing your individual situation, we can't make comment on your experience. Coaching can be a little like counselling - sometimes you just don't vibe with the person, and that can create difficulty in the way you absorb the information (and the experience). If working with sarah "just feels right in your soul" then follow that little breadcrumb - as these are what lead you to your next-level of success.

Who runs the calls?

Sarah runs all calls and daily group support. You will not experience the surprise of joining this program and only having access to a co-coach that you do not know.

Can I extend the payment plan?

We don't want any woman to miss out on the opportunity to rise into your purpose and make $10K/month. Yes we can, simply DM us here with the word: PLAN.

What currency is the investment?

All prices are in USD. As Sarah works with women from many different countries, we have found it easiest to charge in USD as this is the globally recognised curency. Convert to your local currency here.

How does finance work?

We understand that some people don’t have a lazy $5,000 laying around. which is why we have another option where you could pay less than $40 a week and you still get the pay now savings. To learn more, just DM the word: "Finance" here. *For Australian residents only at this time.

"Sarah was able to guide me through my ideas and thoughts and put them down so I could understand more of how I needed to do things and all about the process. Sarah is a great Soul Coach and definitely is recommended for all the work she does; ie her launching process, her Energetic work and her Soul alchemy. She understands how to do these things that align with you."

Step 1: Information
Step 2: Customer Checkout


Australian residents can apply for finance with us, repayments less than $40AUD/week. Chat to Sarah here to see if you qualify.


"I'm very grateful for the guidance I've had whenever I've needed help she's been able to be there for me. A huge thank you to Sarah Lines for helping me understand all the ins and outs of business energy and alignment. thank you so much for helping me step out of that fear when I'd been stagnant online for over 1 and a half years without showing myself and my gifts. Sarah helping me with doing my very first launch and collaboration then, and the continued other courses has helped me over the years to still have that courage to do these things again. Thank you! Xoxoxo"