Soul Alchmist, Shamaness, Mystic & Bestselling Author Sarah Lines presents:

Learn how yoni-verse will awake your Goddess Magic and activate divine flow.

Tell me Goddess,

does this sound like you?

The wounded feminine:

➡️ You feel rejected if no one wants to work with you
➡️ You doubt your ability to serve your clients
➡️ You doubt your gifts
➡️ You feel worthless if you don't have clients

➡️ You are desperate for external validation

➡️ You can't control your emotions

➡️ You sacrifice yourself or prioritise others at your oen expense

➡️ You lack boundaries

What if you could experience...

The Divine Feminine:

✔️ She is grounded, receptive & reflective

✔️ She has strong boundaries & is gracious in her strength

✔️ She is loving, compassionate, empathic & supportive

✔️ She knows how to ask for what she wants

✔️ She is vulnerable & not afraid to speak from her heart with no shame

✔️ She is authentic & flows through life, she knows how to trust & surrender.

✔️ She is naturally intuitive & listens to her soul

✔️ She manifests & creates

✔️ She loves herself fully & is confident with her body & femininity

✔️ She exudes beautiful, sensual energy and attracts her desires naturally

"She is a wild & tangled forest with temples & treasures concealed within." - John Mark Green


The Art Of Ancient Womb Healing

This is where we stor energetic imprints of past relationships, lovers, emotional memories & trauma. These imprints stay in our subconscious, creating energetic blocks in your womb space.

When energy blocks form here, you feel stuck. With out energy flowing freely, you lack clarity & your power is limited. Your womb is a direct portal for spirit to enter the physical realms - whether in the form of a baby or inspiration to materialise.

We will clear trauma and emotional blocks from the womb, as well as past imprints from previous lovers, dissolve energy cords and attachments; as well as support emotional healing from loss such as miscarriage, still birth and abortion.


Clearing Lifetimes Of Sexual Trauma

We all know someone who has been abused - and we are affected directly or indirectly. It's a collective wounding. This leaves survivors feeling profoundly mentally & psychologically wounded. This stifles growth and can cast a dark shadow on life.

We need to clear this collective and personal wound for ourselves and for eachother. For the generations before us who have suffered, and after us. Let's end the suffering here and now, and open a new pathway for what is possible to you in this lifetime.

We will work with your soul in the akash, to go back to the original wounding, and clear it accross all lifetimes, timelines, dimensions and beyond.


Releasing The Yoni-Womb Shadow

We all have it... The Shadow is that part of you that contains all the pieces of yourself that you don't want to admit to having. It is only through becoming self-aware, that you will recognise these shadows, This is deep and dark, but where miracles happen.

Shadow work helps you to accept that which you find unacceptable, so that real change, healing and transformation can occur. This is where you turn pain into empowerment.

Through working through the yoni-womb shadow, you will be tapping in to your intuition, freeing yourself from unconscious shadows, empowering yourself and accepting your strengths and realising your true potential.


The Power Of The Breath To Re-awaken Your Magic

Here you will tap in to the incredible power of breath to support the challenges you (we all) experience. Creating feelings of openness, love, peace, gratitude, clarity, and connection. Breathwork helps to relieve trauma including mental, emotional & psychological blocks. As well as fear, anger, grief, anxiety and depression. Powerful!

This helps with positive self-development, boosts your immunity, process your emotions, heal emotional pain, develop and increase self awareness, enrich creativity, improve relationaship, increase confidence, boost self image & self-esteem, increase joy & happiness, reduce stress & anxiety levels, release negative thoughts.

Using the power of the breath, we will clear your energy and re-awaken that part of you that's been missing. The Goddess inside you.



You have a yoni for a reason. Your yoni is beautiful. She is to be listened to, honoured, loved.

If you feel into her...she will give you the guidance you need to direct you towards your path of wholeness and health. It is just a matter of going down to those dark mysterious waters of your inner primordial sea, and feeling the fluidity & flow.

It's time to let go. To release and transform. It's time to tap into that extraordinary power that you possess as a liberated, sensual Goddess, and discover deep, profound pleasure.


Yoni Magic & The Womb Creatrix

The blueprint of creation, birthed by the cosmic womb is held in the feminine yoni-womb space. This contains the deepest mysteries and magic of existance. You do not need to look outside yourself. The answers are within. Yet after centuries of our womb wisdom & magic being undermined, ignored and reduced only to a painful function, is it any wonder you feel unsure of your innate power?

The Ancients honoured the womb as the seat of intuition and power. They lived in accordance with the creative cycles of life, death and rebirth. This is the source from where you create everything in your life. What is it you want to birth?

By awakening the power that resides within, you can heal your shadow, reclaim your destiny, and access your gifts & wisdom. It is time to reconnect with your magical, creative centre from which everything is birthed into existance! Yoni magic & womb creatrix is an embodied awakening of feminine spirituality, which works in sacred partnership with the divine masculine.


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